• Halloween Ideas- Using REAL Clothes [So You Can Wear 'Em Again]

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    Mint or Treat!

    Halloween is so fun, but costumes just weren't made with temperature, comfort or practicality in mind so we decided to repurpose our favorite pieces and create easy to DIY looks that you can wear again and again- BONUS- you may be able to re-purpose your look for Thanksgiving if you're creative!

    Our 13 days to Halloween series will feature a new idea everyday from now through Halloween. Each day that we feature a look, a 10% discount will be available on the items that we picked to be repurposed. We also have free online shipping and in store pick up if thats more your thing.


    Basic? Not even close! This dress with sash and handmade lace headband make this look the perfect choice for an appropriate costume day at work, taking kids (yours or whoever's) trick or treating or even if your in the spirit but more concerned about being stylish. :)

    Halloween costume ideas- kitten.

    Halloween idea- kitten

    Shop the look here.  


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  • 90s Silk Slip Dresses

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    90s Silk Slip Dresses

    Slip dresses are making their big debut this fall and we are loving every second of it. The nightwear as daytime trend has been sweeping the runways and is now sweeping the streets everywhere. You may have seen this look done by fashion's leading ladies such as Danielle Bernstein, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez. What was once thought of closed-doors, private eyes only nightwear is now an acceptable form of fashion on the streets in broad daylight. What we love most about the slip dress trend is that it can be worn in more ways than one. We suggest throwing a cropped short sleeve shirt underneath for a nostalgic 90s look or a vintage rocker tee to give this classic dress a special edge. You may also wear a slip gown dress for a sexy and sleek black tie look (as seen on Selena below). Any way you choose to style the slip dress, make sure to own it and make the look unique to you.

    silk slip dress

    Did we mention how much we are loving the 90s revival that's in the air for 2016-17, minus the over plucked eyebrows- keep those in '93, kthanksbye.

    silk slip dress

    Drew Barrymore being the ONLY #WCW for the 90s and beyond. In a slip dress no less :).

    xo Mint Market

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  • Effortless Transition-Summer Into Fall Looks

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    Summer Fashion That Works For Early Fall

    Ahhhh end of August, where the days become shorter and our sleeves get longer. Some women get sad about it, but we just use it as an excuse to shop and repurpose summer clothes! Think- long sleeves with short bottoms, tights under shorts, casual leather jackets over maxis & of course sandals paired with jeans. 

    We had the chance to hang out & shoot with Brazilian style maven Henrietta Prioste & our creative director Valerie Duardo brought her summer to fall transition vision to life. With golden amber hues, off the shoulder tops and leather chokers & shoes, these looks are not ones to miss & can definitely be recreated using items from your own closet, RIGHT NOW!

    Summer to fall fashion

    Don't mind Henrietta just waving buh-bye to summer. 

    What we love most about this look is how so many elements make it either more summer or fall centric, but combined it turns into a transition outfit where both seasons meet. For example, these mint green sunnies give this a totally whimsical, summer hippie vibe where the brown & black leather heels lets people know- homegirl is ready just in case the temperature drops by 10 degrees. If you were to remove the shoes & choker, its totally a HAWT summer look. You get our point- mix & match your wardrobe and make it your own! 

    Next, we leaned more towards summer while introducing more earthy tones that say- 'Fall, I'm ready for you' paired with accents that can still flirt with summer vibes.

    fall shorts

    Henrietta's not quite ready to trade her ice coffee for a hot espresso- but her outfit is!

    Although this may not quite be a pumpkin picking chilly outfit, it can easily become one with a staple denim or leather jacket

    Last but not least, the piece that stood out to us as the most memorable is for sure- you guessed it, the shoes!

    platform shoes

    These platforms were giving us ALL the vibes- 70s, 90s, Buenos Aires chic. These babies can be DEF be brought into fall with socks and if you don't believe us- just ask all the cool girls

    We also don't want to rush the season, but rather embrace these winding down weeks. We like to rock our Line & Dot off the shoulder linen dress to chill out & focus on the important stuff in life- like how much longer we can wear this stuff until its chilly out.

    line and dot dress

    This universally flattering dress (seriously, it looks great on everyone) and can easily be paired up with leather booties or flats for a more end of summer, early fall feel.

    We will be adding our AMAZING fall collection to the site soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, play with your wardrobe- say yes to shorts with long sleeve blouses, maxis with leather jackets and most importantly- have fun with it.


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