Halloween Ideas- Using REAL Clothes [So You Can Wear 'Em Again]

October 12, 2016

Mint or Treat!

Halloween is so fun, but costumes just weren't made with temperature, comfort or practicality in mind so we decided to repurpose our favorite pieces and create easy to DIY looks that you can wear again and again- BONUS- you may be able to re-purpose your look for Thanksgiving if you're creative!

Our 13 days to Halloween series will feature a new idea everyday from now through Halloween. Each day that we feature a look, a 10% discount will be available on the items that we picked to be repurposed. We also have free online shipping and in store pick up if thats more your thing.


Basic? Not even close! This dress with sash and handmade lace headband make this look the perfect choice for an appropriate costume day at work, taking kids (yours or whoever's) trick or treating or even if your in the spirit but more concerned about being stylish. :)

Halloween costume ideas- kitten.

Halloween idea- kitten

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