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90s Silk Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are making their big debut this fall and we are loving every second of it. The nightwear as daytime trend has been sweeping the runways and is now sweeping the streets everywhere. You may have seen this look done by fashion's leading ladies such as Danielle Bernstein, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez. What was once thought of closed-doors, private eyes only nightwear is now an acceptable form of fashion on the streets in broad daylight. What we love most about the slip dress trend is that it can be worn in more ways than one. We suggest throwing a cropped short sleeve shirt underneath for a nostalgic 90s look or a vintage rocker tee to give this classic dress a special edge. You may also wear a slip gown dress for a sexy and sleek black tie look (as seen on Selena below). Any way you choose to style the slip dress, make sure to own it and make the look unique to you.

silk slip dress

Did we mention how much we are loving the 90s revival that's in the air for 2016-17, minus the over plucked eyebrows- keep those in '93, kthanksbye.

silk slip dress

Drew Barrymore being the ONLY #WCW for the 90s and beyond. In a slip dress no less :).

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